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16 years old
Volunteering in a dog shelter in Sri Lanka

Volunteering in a dog shelter in Sri Lanka

The life of a stray dog is far from easy in Sri Lanka. The vast majority of the public’s awareness of dogs (and animals in general) is still very limited. There are hundreds of thousands of stray dogs in the country who suffer from hunger and untreated diseases, some of which are shot, beaten to death or gassed. Most dogs live on the streets, and many are in an appalling state. Unsprayed females produce several litters of puppies every year, many of which are simply abandoned in front of temples or at the gate of the Dog Care Clinic. These puppies are usually too small to have even the slightest chance of survival unless provided with care. Most of them die of hunger or due to parasites or fall victim to animal abusers. Hence, it is of utmost importance to provide these vulnerable dogs with a level of care that gives them the best chance to survive and thrive.

The main goals of this project are to provide:

– consistent neutering programs to reduce the number of stray dogs

– mass vaccinations in to reduce diseases and to minimize the risk of rabies to both humans and animals

– treatment and care of injured and sick dogs

– increase the understanding between dogs and humans to help the locals in Sri Lanka through social adoption projects

Many people who own dogs in Sri Lanka are poor and cannot afford vets’ fees, so there is a tremendous need to provide these treatments free of charge.

What our Participants do on the Project

Volunteers will spend their entire project time at the Dog Care Clinic doing hands-on work with dogs that needs the attention and care. There are two shifts – morning and afternoon – each covering 4-5 hours (including travel time) and participantswill be allocated to either shift based on the needs on the ground at the time.

The scope of work for general dog lovers will be:

– Assisting with the daily morning feeding

– Assisting at the daily afternoon feeding

– Socializing the dogs and spending time with sick and injured dogs (this will be a key focus area)

– Brushing and checking the dogs for ticks

– Nail cutting and ear cleaning

– Helping out with cleaning the dog boxes

– Assisting with their intake of medicines

– Other day-to-day tasks as appropriate

Sri Lanka: Dog Rescue Volunteer



Airport transfer Colombo project (round trip) . Airport pick-up on arrival (Saturdays between 8am and 5pm) and return transfer (Saturdays between 10am and 7pm)
All meals
Accommodation in mixed multiple rooms
Orientation session and daily briefing
Training and supervision

Not included

ETA Visa
Airport drop-off

Dates and prices

Arrivals on Saturdays
Duration in weeks
Registration fees
2 weeks
1190 €
3 weeks
1490 €
4 weeks
1690 €
5 weeks
1850 €
6 weeks
2070 €
7 weeks
2290 €
8 weeks
2510 €
10 weeks
2950 €
12 weeks
3390 €

A supplement of €200 applies to participants under 18. For further information, please visit the youth area.



On a hill in the Unawatuna district (15 minutes drive from the centre of Galle), the volunteer house offers a breathtaking view of the beach and the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean. With a maximum capacity of 48 people, the volunteers are spread over three floors in 11 multiple rooms for 4 to 6 people, with an in-room bathroom and ocean view. For couples and families, or those requiring privacy, single, double and family rooms are available at an additional cost. In case of high demand, it is possible that the house displays complete. In this case, you will stay in the Guesthouse located less than 100m from the house. You will continue to eat all your meals in the main volunteer house and have full access to all its facilities.

The house also has an outdoor swimming pool, 3 kitchens and 3 living rooms (one per floor), a large dining room and a private outdoor garden for relaxing moments. Volunteers will have the chance to live in a peaceful area, surrounded by lush vegetation, near a small Buddhist temple away from the main tourist areas of Galle. A small but important bonus: the beach is only a 5-minute walk away!


– From the age of 18.

– Intermediate level of English (understand instructions, able to communicate).

– Copy of passport.

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