Our partners

Our partners

Wweeddoo - find your sponsor !

This platform puts in contact all those who wish to launch a professional, solidarity or school project with public and private actors who wish to support them financially, materially or with the most constructive advice.


Globedreamers is also a site that offers a real follow-up of each project thanks to coaches who accompany all those seeking support to realize their experience. It is also a platform for bringing together support researchers and private or public actors who can provide it.


Eco-volontaire is a travel blog that offers travel projects eco-volunteering selected by its creator, specialist and passionate about responsible tourism. Eco-volunteer describes its projects as a form of participatory and committed tourism for the planet. They therefore act as a relay for RealStep training, internships and professionalizing experiences, being a partner with this structure for several years!


Guidisto-volontariatis a platform giving visibility to organizations involved in sustainable development, private and public. Choosing its partners with care to guarantee the project to the participants, Guidisto trusts us and relays our training on their site since 2018.

Babel Voyages

Babel Voyages is a web media specialized in responsible tourism. The site aims to highlight sustainable initiatives that take into account the daily life of local populations, activities to intelligently enjoy nature and the beauties of our planet. You will find all kinds of information about responsible travel, a list good addresses and much more.

The Association of Eco-responsible Travelers and Tour Operators (VVE France)

The Association of Eco-responsible Travelers and Tour Operators aims to redefine sustainable tourism, solidarity tourism and to highlight ethical and competent actors. The charter of eco-responsible travelers is an example of common actions to make professionals more responsible and raise public awareness. Freepackers is proud to be part of this community committed to support responsible and sustainable projects.

Chapka Insurance

Chapka Assurances is a travel insurance specialized in volunteer, work and travel programs. When you travel abroad, you need to be insured in case of health problems or need for repatriation. Our partner accompanies you around the world by offering you tailor-made insurance for your projects!


Expatfacilities will walk you through all the necessary administrative steps to help you organize your trip. Specializing in travel advice and support, they offer flexible packages to find your accommodation and get your experience abroad off to a good start. Their on-site ambassadors take care to contact you before departure to advise and reassure you before you set off.


Freepackers is a member of Travel4Impact, a community aiming to improve the positive impact (social and environmental) of SMEs in the travel and tourism ecosystem through the creation and support of a network of small businesses that consider digitization and sustainability as key elements of their value and mission.