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Freepackers Foundation

Why did I start a foundation?

Involved in animal rights organisations from an early age and a fervent supporter of WWF, Greenpeace and Sea Shepherd, I was inspired very early on by a career in the humanitarian field. I took part in fundraising events, in protests against certain bills (hunting with hounds, animal testing, bullfights, circus animals…) and I have always made donations to animal protection associations. It therefore seemed only natural to me to develop this passion within my personal and professional life, and to continue to support local organisations in their fight for animal welfare and environmental protection.

Our mission

Freepackers Care is a non-profit organisation registered in France. Our mission is to encourage participation in ethical and sustainable development projects. We promote access to learning through immersive, cultural, and solidarity-based travel in safe environments.

We work to connect NGOs, social welfare organisations, or governmental bodies with volunteers from all around the world. We offer volunteer projects, work placements and immersive experiences that aim to strengthen global cohesion and participatory engagement.

Freepackers Care's actions across the world

Raising awareness and providing information on social and environmental issues

As humanitarian travel professionals, we are committed to staying informed and sharing our knowledge of the social and environmental issues that our partners deal with on a daily basis. Connecting people to each other and to their environment is the first step in an international project.

Therefore, we strive to inspire and inform on various topics such as different ways to travel with an impact, local actions, environmental and social issues, etc. through writing blog articles, interviews in the press, partnerships with sector actors, and participating in forums and exhibitions.


Ethical and sustainable development projects

The implementation of ethical and responsible practices through the participatory drafting of charters, participation in NF standards committees (AFNOR, Association Française de Normalisation, the French standardization authority), participation in international conferences (WYSTC, ICEF, IAIE)

Supporting partner associations

At the international level, Freepackers has approximately 2 partner associations per country of action, each of which manages several projects. These associations have all been met in person and validated according to our ethics and values. In addition to their on-site contribution, each participant brings a donation to purchase equipment and pay for coordinators and local staff. This allows the projects to continue over the long term, and in some cases, to expand to a higher level. This contribution represents 10% of the registration fees. Furthermore, Freepackers promotes numerous online campaigns, calls for donations, etc., and invests in local projects several times a year.
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Team involvement

The Freepackers team is 100% committed to sustainable development. We share values that unite us and motivate us every day to invest in our daily missions. This is why we have decided to actively participate each month in a local charity organization in Barcelona and its surroundings; each member of the team has participated in at least one solidarity action since 2021, such as beach cleanups, food distribution, etc. Furthermore, we are constantly expanding our network with local associations to support sustainable development projects (Project Rescue Ocean, WWF, etc.).
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Tax deduction

Freepackers Care’s educational objectives and its commitment to environmental and social development make it an organisation of public interest. Consequently, people who take part in and contribute towards international humanitarian projects via our organisation are entitled to deduct 66% of the amount they spend from their taxable income.