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1 objective and 2 structures making your humanitarian project dreams become a reality

The organisation Freepackers Travels, B Corp certified, based at d’Alaba 100 08018 Barcelona, Spain, promotes international outreach through school trips, youth solidarity camps (summercamps), immersion language courses, cultural exchanges and volunteer projects accessible to all. These are international programs with an educational, impactful and cultural purpose.

Meanwhile, Freepackers Care is a non-profit organization, registered at the Ruche Associative, 30 avenue Pompidor, Narbonne, that offers information sessions, workshops, conferences, financial aid and professional training. The goal of Freepackers Care is to give access to humanitarian travel to all those who want to participate, regardless of the skills, resources, gender or nationality: everyone can contribute.


How to get involved ?

Are you interested in a social or environmental project? Contact us to discuss your goals, your expectations, your profile, etc. Our team at Freepackers Care will connect you with the project that suits you.

Once you’ve made your decision, it’s time to set your goals and your budget. The amount to be donated depends on the project and the destination. Volunteers contributions cover both our operating costs and the costs of local associations. The cost breakdown may vary but is generally as follows :

  • Donation to the project to covers accommodation, meals, transport, local staff, guides, equipment and security: 65%
  • Membership fees, administrative costs, support and personalised follow-up: 20%
  • Actions in the field, awareness-raising work, project visits: 15%


Supporting and co-developing humanitarian projects around the world

Each project is selected according to strict criteria to ensure that donations have a lasting impact. The projects we support must employ more than 50% local staff, and demonstrate a clear system of co-management with local communities. In this way, the vast majority of donations will be used to support a sustainable development project and the local community.

Freepackers Care is the culmination of 15 years’ experience in the field and a global network of partners in the humanitarian sector. We choose our projects with passion and professionalism and we travel in person to get to know our local partners, to ensure your safety wherever you are, to guarantee ethical projects and to understand the real needs on the ground.

The fields include: construction, education, environment, animal care, project management, social action, communication. In a safe and ethical environment, we offer serious missions that result in exchange, learning and long-term impact.


Increasing access to volunteer projects

Freepackers Care is a non-profit organisation registered in France on 6 May 2019. Our mission is to increase access to sustainable projects worldwide through 3 main missions :

  • Education : taking part in over 50 yearly events, presentations and conferences on how to get involved in a humanitarian project.


  • Funding : offering solutions to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to go on a mission, whatever their financial background.


  • Training : providing the tools so that everyone can join a project, or can get training to join a specific project.


Connect, engage, learn

Our goal is to increase access to learning programs through inclusive and solidarity-based travel. We connect NGOs, non profits and government bodies with volunteers from all over the world.

We represent foundations and NGOs around the world, with the aim to make their actions sustainable, to strengthen global cohesion and to increase participative commitment.


A word about the founder, Justine Trembicki

Involved in animal protection associations and a supporter of Greenpeace and Sea Shepherd, Justine, the founder, was inspired from an early age to pursue a career in humanitarian work.

She has taken part in fund-raising campaigns and campaigns against certain bills (hunting with hounds, animal experimentation, bullfighting, animals in circuses, etc.) and has always made donations to animal protection associations.

So it’s only natural that this passion should grow in her personal and professional life, and that she should continue to support local associations in their fight for animal welfare and respect for the planet.

Objectives 2024 : more inclusive projects

  • Develop community learning camps to give young people (aged 12-17) access to international humanitarian projects, raising their awareness and inspiring them in their future personal and professional lives.


  • Extend the network of QPV partners in France to establish collaborations between local authorities and international humanitarian projects – to give young people from priority neighbourhoods access to educational projects beyond their borders.


  • Identify and support community projects in areas in need of resources. In early 2024, Thailand, India and Cambodia were selected to develop projects with local communities.


  • Employ and train a small team in Lyon to form an information centre to welcome participants and run information sessions on international mobility, humanitarian action, funding options, etc.


Objectives 1-3 years : A presence in France and Europe

  • Education objective : Identify and take part in career fairs for young people and students to present international mobility options in France and Europe.


  • Partnership objective : Seek out and contact works councils, town halls and local missions to present the community learning camps to young people.


  • Development objective : identify needs in the field, support community projects and provide suitable assignments for students and young people.


Objective 3-5 years : create out own project

  • To have a solid structure in place, with several teams in charge of logistics, administration and the development of the Association’s activities.


  • Set up one or more projects financed by sponsorship or by appeals to public generosity. The first project would be a shelter for pets in France or Spain, depending on the funds and donations available.

Freepackers Care's actions across the world

Raising awareness

As professionals in humanitarian travel, we are committed to keeping ourselves informed and to teaching others about the issues our partners deal with on a daily basis. Connecting people to each other and to their environment is the first step in an international project.

We try to inspire and inform on a variety of topics, such as different ways to make an impact while travelling, local actions, environmental and social issues, etc. We do this by writing blog articles, giving interviews to the press, forming partnerships with key players in the sector and taking part in forums and trade fairs.


Guaranteeing Ethical and responsible projects

Freepackers is a member of several international associations and is involved in a number of initiatives in collaboration with international organisations, all working on education and international mobility. These include: participative drafting of 2 eco volunteer charters, member of the NF standards committee (AFNOR), participation in international professional conferences (WYSTC, ICEF, IAIE), exchanging ideas of the best practices at round tables, etc. In addition to our international professional network, we are in constant contact with our local teams, organising field visits, regular meetings with project managers and members of the local community, etc.

Supporting partner associations

Internationally, Freepackers has approximately 2 partner associations per country, each of which manage several projects. The Freepackers team has met these associations in person and validated them according to our ethics and values. In addition to their contribution on the ground, each participant makes a donation to buy equipment and pay the coordinators and local staff. In this way, the projects can be sustained over the long term and, in some cases, taken to the next level. This contribution represents 10% of the registration fee. In addition, Freepackers relays numerous online campaigns, appeals for donations, etc., as well as getting involved in local projects several times a year.
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Team involvement

The Freepackers team is 100% committed to sustainable development. We share values that unite us and motivate us every day to invest in our daily missions. For example, we have decided to actively take part in a local charity in Barcelona and the surrounding area: since 2021, every member of the team has taken part in at least one solidarity action: beach clean-up, food distribution, etc. What's more, every day we expand our network with local associations to support sustainable development projects (Project Rescue Ocean, WWF, etc).
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