Redefine your career path with Real-Step


About RealStep

Are you looking for work experience in sustainability, animal welfare, or environmental protection? Do you want to turn your career around and work while making a positive impact?

Founded in 2018 following numerous requests from volunteers who had travelled with Freepackers, Realstep offers unique international work experience with over 50 internships and training courses across 30 destinations.

Why Realstep?

To access positive impact projects, to join teams of specialists working for local development and international cooperation. And because we understand how important it is to choose the right career path, our support is fully tailor-made: telephone meetings to define your interests and skills; permanent support and supervision on site; logistics organised according to the projects (accommodation, meals, transport, etc.).

At Realstep, we have carefully selected unique projects to help you find your path, to develop as a person and, above all, to make a lasting contribution to local communities.

Whether you are a student on a gap year, retraining, or looking for a work placement, with the help of our trusted NGOs, we will find the project that will allow you to reach your goal.

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  • Among a wide range of diverse programs, spread across about thirty destinations all over the world;
  • Offering three types of professionalizing NGO experiences: initiation, internships, and career training;
  • No application fees for studying and language courses abroad;
  • Prior to departure, participants are provided with telephone interviews to identify their needs, motivations, and skills;
  • Ongoing support and supervision on-site;
  • Organized logistics included in the projects (accommodation, meals, transportation, etc.);
  • The opportunity to participate in sustainable development projects with a positive impact on local communities.


RealStep is indeed a transparent organization that values and adheres to its commitments defined in the charter.