About Freepackers

About Freepackers

Freepackers : 2 structures for a unique experience

Our vision

Freepackers’ ambition is to strengthen the connection between communities and their environment. Understanding others is the first step towards respect, tolerance and humanitarian values essential to the balance of today’s societies.


Our mission

To promote travel with a purpose, a form of intercultural learning where everyone can have an active and engaging role.

We are neither a travel agent nor a traditional educator. We believe that experiencing and connecting with other cultures is just as important as academic learning. We connect people with educational projects, cultures, international experiences.

When you decide to come into contact with a local community and immerse yourself in it, learning the culture and languages takes on its full meaning. The partner schools and universities who entrust us with their students recognise the value of our experience and see our international projects as a complement to their teaching programmes.


The Freepackers Mix

The organisation Freepackers Travels, B Corp certified, promotes a global mindset by organising school trips, summer camps for teenagers, language immersion courses and cultural exchanges. We organise international programmes for educational, teaching and cultural purposes.

Freepackers Travels is registered as an EURL in Barcelona – Siret B67144766

Meanwhile, our Freepackers Care Association is a not-for-profit organisation that aims to increase access to humanitarian projects through awareness-raising initiatives, workshops, conferences, training courses, financial aid and vocational training. The goal of the Association is to create an inclusive model of humanitarian travel where everyone can find their place.

Freepackers Care is registered as an Association Loi 1901 in France (Narbonne) – Siret 851286070

Who is Freepackers ?


Anaelle, Jaqueline, Amélie and Nicolas are 4 adventurers who all have a passion for responsible, meaningful travel. Their aim: to pass on to as many people as possible what they have experienced on their missions abroad. They know the projects inside out, and they’re here to reassure you, advise you and encourage you to push yourself beyond your comfort zone.

Léa and Aude: two former volunteers turned ambassadors and champions of communications! FAQs, blog posts, feedback… they’re here to inspire you and give you all the practical information you need to prepare for your project.

Kevin is our Freepackers Care project manager. He is based in Lyon and is responsible for all presentations, conferences, training courses, information meetings and institutional partnerships with, among others, Pôle Emploi, numerous schools and universities, high schools and organisations working to promote international mobility.

Justine, President of the Association, coordinates the whole team!

And last but not least, our technical team, the longest-standing and most loyal members of the team, made up of Lara, graphic designer, Sylvain, web developer and, of course, Frédéric, our SEO expert and HR consultant in his spare time!

We use our knowledge and expertise to encourage exchange, learning and transformation.. For each of us, our career path, our vision of the world and even our lives have been changed by our decision to go abroad. Giving access to mobility through inclusive projects is what motivates and inspires us every day. We are proud of our actions, which aim to make us better citizens through high-quality international educational experiences and impactful missions within everyone’s reach. .

Since 2010, Freepackers has been working closely with a large number of local NGOs in 38 destinations, all of which we have met face-to-face and chosen with care, ethics and seriousness. Since the beginning of the adventure, more than €500,000 has been donated to local partners and more than 3,000 participants have been involved in social and environmental projects.

A word from Justine, the founder

I set up Freepackers in 2010 to encourage young people to embark on international mobility and to propose meaningful projects. I myself have taken 2 sabbatical years in round-the-world, PVT and international voluntary service mode.

During my professional career, I’ve been lucky enough to bring together a whole range of reliable projects and meet passionate people from all over the world. This international personal development has made me want to share my experience and make it accessible to as many people as possible.

So, since 2020, a pivotal year that has turned our thinking on its head, we have been working tirelessly to find funding solutions to make international mobility accessible to all. Among other things, our association Freepackers Care was created with this objective in mind.

My career in figures: 15 years in travel, 30 international volunteering projects, 2 round-the-world tours, 52 countries visited, 2 Erasmus exchanges.


We are delighted to announce that Freepackers and RealStep are B Corp certified companies!

B Corps are for-profit businesses that have based their business model on creating a more inclusive, equitable and sustainable economy for people and planet. This small but growing community is accelerating a global cultural shift to redefine success. The goal is to have a positive impact for all stakeholders, while meeting the highest standards of social and environmental performance, public transparency and legal accountability.

B Corp certification is one of the only certifications that focuses not on a product or service, but on the company as a whole, which helps consumers identify companies with a mission that matches their values.


As certified B Corps, Freepackers and Realstep are committed to :

  • educating people about social and environmental challenges and giving them the power to act,
  • advocating for inclusive programmes that promote access to sustainable projects worldwide,
  • reducing poverty and giving people dignity and purpose,
  • minimising our carbon footprint and encouraging the best practices,
  • exploring new and innovative ideas that will continue to increase our impact.


We are incredibly proud of our B Corp certification and we owe it to all our partners and participants: this certification is as much your success as it is ours. Together, we can build a new model of inclusive and impactful travel for all!

What Freepackers does:

  • Humanitarian travel
  • International immersion
  • Educational travel
  • Responsible tourism
  • Ecotourism
  • Participatory sciences
  • Sustainable development projects
  • Nature projects
  • Inclusive Travels


In brief, our actions

  • Encouraging international mobility
  • Promoting intercultural communication
  • Learning a language
  • Working in an international team immersion
  • Participating in sustainable development projects
  • Financially supporting humanitarian projects

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