intermediate english
From 2 to 10 weeks
18 years old
Humanitarian education project in Ecuador

Humanitarian education project in Ecuador

Their mission is to improve the lives of the most vulnerable population – girls and women and teenagers – in northern Manabí through formal and informal education programs. Empower them so they may explore their full potential. With education in the dream center volunteers can support to empower children and (young) people to increase their level of live; to empower them that they can create and fulfill their dreams. With art, music, sports, theater, environment awareness (organic garden, recycle ideas and cleaning beaches from garbage) the volunteer can support without needed an average level of Spanish. There is an English-speaking volunteer coordinator at the project.

Volunteers have a rare chance to make a difference by empowering and supporting vulnerable children and youth through this project. By living in an authentic fishing village, the volunteer can experience firsthand the beauty of a community with limited resources but brimming with joy. Despite the challenges, happiness is abundant in this charming village.

The following general volunteer activities are possible:

– Helping to create an organic garden

– Willing to support with the education and empowering self confidence in the center; organizing activities with sport or art or music or theater, reading English book with the kids

– Have dialogue with kids and teenagers about their dreams

– Cleaning beaches from garbage with the kids and/or teenagers

– Willing to create activities that have to do with recycle 

What to expect

Prepare for an exciting adventure as the Project Coordinator takes you on a tour of a resilient community that has rebuilt itself from the rubble. In Don Juan, the locals have organized workshops to share their skills with volunteers. As part of the Intercultural Program: Knowledge Exchange, if you have expertise in areas such as sewing, recycling, English, or theater, the community will exchange knowledge with you, teaching you skills like handling a machete, artisanal fishing, making starch bread, or fishing. At this project, we believe all knowledge is valuable and deserving of equal recognition.

During the orientation meeting, you’ll receive general information about the upcoming activities. We’ll discuss your passions, talents, and expectations and how you can contribute as a volunteer. While not every day will be the same, your flexibility is vital to helping the project. You’ll work five hours a day, Monday to Friday, with the coordinator indicating where you’re most needed. We welcome any ideas you may have to make a difference in the community.

Take a three-hour break at midday to immerse yourself in the community and its people. This break presents an opportunity to learn about their lives and culture. You’ll have free weekends to explore nearby excursions or short escapes, and our team is always here to help. Get ready for an adventure that’ll change your life and make a difference in the world!

Volunteer in Ecuador on an Education Project



Quito welcome pack: airport welcome, night in a youth hostel and transfer to the bus station
Orientation meeting
English speaking volunteer coordinator on the project
Project donation
Accommodation in dorms
Meals, tea and coffree
Day trip by bicycle to visit the Cotopaxi volcano

Not included

Bus tickets to and from the project

Dates and prices

Every Saturday, all year
Duration in weeks
Registration fees
2 weeks
1055 €
3 weeks
1245 €
4 weeks
1455 €
5 weeks
1705 €
6 weeks
1955 €
7 weeks
2205 €
8 weeks
2455 €
9 weeks
2705 €
10 weeks
2955 €



The project is located in the lovely and authentic fishers village Don Juan. The project has a library with a volunteer house. The Volunteer house have 2 rooms for volunteers, there is a maximum of 5 volunteers in the house and project.

Meals are included and delicious healthy Manabi meals.

Don Juan has breathtaking beaches, where you can walk for hours. In your free time you can visit the impressive nature reserve LaloLoor, or go to the fybrant coast vilage Canoa or enjoy inacting with the locals and relax.


– Up to date CV/ resume

– Copy of return flight itinerary

– Police clearance

– Intermediate level of English or Spanish; understanding and speaking

– Acceptance subject to availability of position

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