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From 2 to 12 weeks
18 years old
Community Project in Namibia

Community Project in Namibia

A project located one hour away from Windhoek, the capital, aims to support children facing educational barriers or in disadvantaged situations. This initiative involves aiding teachers and professionals in their daily responsibilities, with the goal of ensuring access to education for all.

You can choose between 2 different programs: 

– Assistance in an elementary school 

– Assistance in rehabilitation and education centers

Primary School Assistance Project: 

You will assist in the schools assisting the teachers, the goal being to give a chance to the children of this community, and to teach them a multitude of things so that they can build a stable future.

Volunteer tasks: 

– Take care of the children on a daily basis (putting on shoes, going to the toilet, washing hands,…)  

– Assist the teachers in their activities (help during exercises, tidy up the classrooms,…) 

– Create lessons and presentations for the children 

– Get involved in extracurricular activities (which can sometimes be on weekends) 

Project to help disabled children: 

This school is located in Windhoek, the capital of the country, with this project you will help and have a positive impact on the lives of the children. The project is based on two different sites, a rehabilitation center for families and children with special needs and an education center for children between 1 and 6 years old. 

Volunteer schedule: 

– 6:30 am: breakfast 

– 7:00 am: transfer to the rehabilitation center

– 7:30am to 12:00pm: Project at the rehabilitation center 

– 12:00/13:00: lunch 

– 1pm: transfer to the education center 

– 1:30 p.m.-5:00 p.m.: project at the education center 

– 5:15pm: transfer to accommodation 

– 7:00 pm : dinner 

Missions at the rehabilitation center: 

– 7:30/8:30: games including topics like animals, art, stories,… 

– 8:30 am : teach songs, and tell stories to the children 

– 9:00 am: help with breakfast 

– 9:30am: a psychologist works with the children, either one on one or in groups, there is one topic per week that incorporates developmental skills for the children.

– 11:30 am: help with lunch 

– 12:00 pm: telling stories for the children’s nap, for the volunteers staying at the center in the afternoon. 

Missions at the education center: 

– Bible reading and children’s stories 

– Art workshops

– Games and sports activities 

– For children over 6 years old: basic mathematics and languages.

-It is also possible to take part in a program combining an educational project with an animal project. As the elementary school is located within the NGO’s refuge and animal reserve, you will be able to take part in the animal program a few days a week (preparing food, feeding the animals, maintenance projects, wildlife conservation…). For more information, please contact us.

Community Development Project in Namibia



Transfer to/from and between projects
Presentation at your arrival on the project

Not included


Dates and prices

Every Sunday
Duration in weeks
Registration fees
2 weeks
1444 €
3 weeks
2024 €
4 weeks
2604 €
5 weeks
3234 €
6 weeks
3814 €
7 weeks
4394 €
8 weeks
4974 €
9 weeks
5554 €
10 weeks
6134 €
11 weeks
6714 €
12 weeks
7294 €



Elementary School Program:

Accommodations in converted tents (2 or 3 per tent), laundry service, swimming pool, bar/cafe. 

Program with disabled children: 

Accommodation in shared rooms and bathrooms, laundry service, swimming pool, bar and barbecue upon availability.


– 18 years

– 2 weeks minimum for the project with children with disabilities 

– 4 weeks minimum for the project in the elementary school  

– Experience with children and in teaching preferred but not required

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