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From 4 to 12 weeks
Minimum age: 18 YO
Biodiversity Project in Portugal

Biodiversity Project in Portugal

Program Description

Most of the activities of this biodiversity and environment course take place in a natural park that surrounds a part of Lisbon. The distance to the volunteer house is about one hour by public transport.

Indeed, forests and natural parks guarantee us a great diversity of ecosystems, thanks to the conservation of natural resources, the control of soil erosion, the regulation of water, the filtration of water, the recycling of nutrients, the formation of soil, the capture of carbon dioxide, the filtration of atmospheric pollutants, the softening of the climate, the production of raw materials and the reduction of fire and flood risks.

The forest protection project aims to enhance natural heritage, reduce environmental damage, regenerate and restore natural areas, promote biodiversity and restore ecological functions, mainly through the restoration of the endemic forest.

Main Volunteer Tasks on our Program in Lisbon

The role of the volunteer, as a member of the field team, is to study and learn about each area and forest, and to take different measurements depending on the time of year. These tasks may include :
- applying techniques to control invasive species, which were mistakenly introduced in recent decades for rapid reforestation and now pose a significant threat to natural areas
- planting different species with different methodologies depending on the season
- maintenance of planted areas
- protection of biodiversity niches
- management of hiking trails.

Biodiversity Volunteer in Natural Park near Lisbon
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Accommodation in multiple rooms in a sustainable and social hostel (private rooms also available at an additional cost)
Reception at the airport (Saturday or Sunday)
Guided tour of the city (2 hours)
Materials and equipment
Free maps, guides and the best tips to discover the city! 24/7 support

not included

Pick up at the airport on other dates and return
Transportation between the accommodation and the project

Dates and prices

Arrivals on Saturday or Sunday, all year round
4 Weeks
2174 €
6 Weeks
2824 €
8 Weeks
3474 €
10 Weeks
4124 €
12 Weeks
4774 €


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Life on the project

Your accommodation

Accommodation is provided in the volunteer house, in a shared room with a maximum of 8 people. Volunteers will have access to the common room, outdoor spaces including the garden and pool for relaxation. WIFI is available throughout the house and is free of charge.

Meals are prepared every day, consisting of local cuisine, but specific dietary requirements can be accommodated upon request (vegetarian, vegan, lactose-free, gluten-free, etc.).

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Three meals per day, every day: breakfast, lunch, and dinner (local style). Specific dietary requirements available upon request.

Local Life

Once a month, without a specific date, a 2-5 day mission takes place at another site. These national missions occur in different parts of the country. Therefore, participants may have the chance to explore other villages and regions of Portugal and play an important role in the larger-scale reforestation of areas degraded by intensive agriculture, fires, or the presence of exotic plants. The intern will work alongside volunteers, local coordinators, and other community members who join these initiatives in coordinated actions to create visible impact and raise awareness and promote the importance of teamwork.

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