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Volunteering in Spain

About Spain

Spain is a country in southwestern Europe on the Iberian Peninsula. It is famous for its rich history and vibrant culture. Spain is a country of castles, mountains, vast monuments, sophisticated cities, and sunny beaches.

The terrain of Spain is remarkably diverse, encompassing vast mountain ranges, fertile valleys, and expansive coastal areas.

From ancient Roman ruins to striking modern architecture, the country boasts a myriad of famous landmarks and tourist attractions that captivate visitors from around the world.


Mission humanitaire en Espagne


Yet, even in this developed country, there are vulnerable communities and natural environments that need our help.

Volunteer opportunities in Spain

There is a wide range of volunteer opportunities available in Spain for individuals looking to make a meaningful impact while exploring the vibrant Spanish culture. One popular type of volunteer work involves environmental conservation projects, where volunteers can contribute to the preservation of Spain’s stunning natural landscapes and wildlife.

Alternatively, those interested in social issues can engage in community development programs, supporting marginalized communities by providing educational resources, healthcare assistance, or organizing cultural events.

Discover volunteer opportunities in Spain and become an international volunteer. Work on community projects or environmental projects and animal protection projects.

You can join marine conservation projects such as the one in Tenerife, or a volunteering project based in Malaga.


Can you volunteer in Spain without a visa?

Non-European Union (EU) citizens intending to volunteer in Spain must obtain a volunteer visa to ensure legal entry and stay within the country. The main requirement for this visa is a formal invitation from a Spanish organization or association hosting the volunteer program.


Where to volunteer in Spain?

The best place to volunteer depends on the type of volunteering you want to do. If you are interested in marine conservation projects, head to coastal areas. If you are more interested in community projects, look for programs in bigger cities.



Practical info


If you are a part of the EU, you do not require a visa. If you are from outside of the EU, you can stay without a visa for up to 90 days.


Please check with your doctor or travel clinic in regards to the vaccinations you need for your project destination. You can also check the pasteur institute for the up-to-date health recommendation per destination at


Travel insurance is compulsory to study or volunteer abroad. Please contact a specialised insurance company or your bank to contract a travel insurance before you go.