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About the destination


Discover Croatia, located on the Mediterranean Sea and in the heart of Europe through a humanitarian project. This country is full of treasures, between a particularly rich biodiversity and cultural sites classified by UNESCO. Heavenly beaches line its coastline, contrasting with a hilly hinterland, offering beautiful landscapes for nature lovers. Croatia also contains mountainous regions, coral reefs and seagrass beds among its many diverse ecosystems. It is an ideal destination for a breath of fresh air on the European continent! Croatia boasts thousands of islands, though less than 50 are actually inhabited.

Croatia has many protected areas, one of which being Plitvice Lakes National Park, famous for its incredible waterfalls, lakes and diverse plant and animal species. Some of the most iconic species of wildlife to be found in Croatia include bears, wolves, lynxes, dolphins and sea turtles.

Croatia has a rich culture and history, having been conquered by the Romans in 1 BCE. There are still many Roman ruins throughout the country. Modern day Croatia is known for their wine production and their olive oil production. They also place a heavy emphasis on sports, football in particular. The official language of Croatia is Croatian, a South Slavic language. Croatia has also been the site of numerous films, TV shows, etc. Some of the most iconic include Game of Thrones and the second Mamma Mia film.

What is the most common form of volunteering in Croatia?

There are plenty of ways that volunteers choose to help in Croatia, from environmental conservation and animal welfare to social services and education. Beach cleans and taking care of marine ecosystems in particular is a popular choice for volunteers. Due to the flourishing tourism industry in Croatia, there is always work to be done in taking care of the coasts.



Advice before volunteering in Croatia

Although English is widely spoken, especially in urban and tourist areas, learning some basic phrases in Croatian would be beneficial in connecting with and showing respect for the local community.

Croatia has a Mediterranean climate to ensure you check the weather during the time and at the location where you will be going and pack accordingly.

Check with your healthcare professional and the Pasteur Institute regarding any medications or vaccines you may need.

How to get a visa to volunteer in Croatia

For most, no visa is required for stays of under 90 days. If you wish to stay longer than 90 days you will need to apply for a long-stay visa. Check the official website for more information.

Volunteer opportunities in Croatia

Croatia is a beautiful place to take part in volunteer projects. The volunteer opportunities available in Croatia include marine conservation and animal protection. You also have the opportunity to work with children and communities! If you like to swim, the marine conservation program may be for you! On the other hand some prefer working with animals like cats and dogs at an animal shelter. Working with youth and teaching children will allow you to really integrate into the community. All these programs are highly rewarding and impactful projects.

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You do not require a visa for EU nationals. Individuals outside of the EU can stay up to 90 days without a visa.


Please check with your doctor or travel clinic in regards to the vaccinations you need for your project destination. You can also check the pasteur institute for the up-to-date health recommendation per destination at


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