Volunteer Opportunities in Costa Rica

About Destination and Volunteer Opportunities


Costa Rica is a country in Central America committed to the environment as well as its ability to offer long, happy and pleasant lives to its citizens, according to the Happy Planet Index. Costa Rica surprises us with its gentle way of life, its incredible environmental wealth and the kindness of its inhabitants, nicknamed Ticos. “Pura Vida” is a popular saying and an important part of Costa Rican culture which translates to “pure life” or “simple life.”

Here is a country whose main credo is the protection of the environment, the respect of the living and the well-being of the population. Costa Rica is home to numerous national parks, including Manuel Antonio National Park, Tortuguero National Park, Arenal Volcano National Park, and Corcovado National Park.

San José is the capital and largest city of Costa Rica. Spanish is the official language of Costa Rica, though English is also widely spoken.

Advice before volunteering in Costa Rica

Due to the tropical environment, there may be diseases such as yellow fever or mosquito-borne illnesses. Make sure to check if there are any vaccinations you need before leaving.

Although many people speak English, especially in the tourist areas, learning some basic Spanish phrases will help you to connect with locals and the community as a whole.

It is also important to familiarize yourself with the local currency (Costa Rican Colón) and the exchange rate to your currency.

Is it safe to volunteer in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is considered to be a safe destination for volunteers. Nevertheless, you should still exercise general caution when walking with valuables, at night, in an unfamiliar place, etc.

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Requirements to volunteer in Costa Rica

In order to volunteer in Costa Rica, you must be 18+, have at least proficient English, have a valid passport and have travel insurance.


Many volunteer projects in Costa Rica revolve around wildlife protection. You can work closely with animals on wildlife rehabilitation projects or with plants on conservation of rainforest. Humanitarian programs such as construction projects or work in childcare placement are also very popular.


The capital, San José, is a popular option, as well as small fishing villages, mountains, beaches, rainforests.

Choose among volunteer programs offered by Freepackers:

  • Do you want to help the local fauna? Opt for the mission in an animal shelter.
  • Do you prefer to take care of the flora? Go and study the rainforest.
  • Do you want to help people? We offer you solidarity work camps or educational projects.

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you do not require a visa for under 90 days. Please check the website www.visitcostarica.com to ensure that the conditions have not changed.


Please check with your doctor or travel clinic in regards to the vaccinations you need for your project destination. You can also check the pasteur institute for the up-to-date health recommendation per destination at


For any international project, Freepackers Care requires the purchase of travel insurance including accident, sickness, repatriation and civil liability in case of third parties.

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