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From 2 to 12 weeks
18 years old
Horse shelter in Argentina

Horse shelter in Argentina

In 2013, the Franz Weber Foundation (FFW) established the Sanctuary in the hills of Cordoba, in central Argentina, in response to the suffering endured by horses in Latin America.

The sanctuary, located on a 312-hectare property comprising lush green meadows, forests, mountain pastures and a river, is a haven of peace, beauty and freedom for the animals.

The project aims to provide a safe place for horses that were previously abused or mistreated, as well as the medical care they need to ensure their well-being.

This sustainable tourism project strives to prioritise the careful and sustainable development of the sanctuary and its infrastructure, in order to accommodate a greater number of horses in need.

The project works actively with the authorities, particularly when the animals are rescued, as well as during the rehabilitation process. They also work with educational establishments to educate the public and raise awareness on animal welfare issues.



If you wish, you can choose to take a week’s Spanish course in Cordoba before the start of the project.

The aim of this week is to allow volunteers to improve their language skills and discover the culture of the country.


  •  20h group course: €420 per week (accommodation and activities included)
  • 10h individual lessons: €420 per week (accommodation and activities included)
  • Online course: €210 per week

Sustainable tourism in Argentina



Airport pick-up and transfers
Accommodation and meals in the volunteer house
Donation for the project
Management and training
24 hour Emergency line
Orientation day in Cordoba; 1 night in a youth hostel

Not included

Plane tickets
Visa and insurance
Airport drop-off
Local transport

Dates and prices

This programme is available all year round.

Duration in weeks
Registration fees
2 weeks
1300 €
3 weeks
1600 €
4 weeks
1900 €
5 weeks
2200 €
6 weeks
2550 €
7 weeks
2900 €
8 weeks
3250 €
9 weeks
3550 €
10 weeks
3900 €
11 weeks
4250 €
12 weeks
4600 €


Your accommodation

The volunteer house on the project site is equipped with beds and bathrooms, and can accommodate 6 volunteers per room.

Though not required, volunteers are advised to bring their own sleeping bag for extra comfort during their stay.

The volunteer house has a kitchen where volunteers can prepare their own meals.

Your meals

Vegetarian meals are included in the project, and volunteers and staff dine together in the main house.

Volunteers also help to prepare meals and take part in cleaning tasks in the houses.

By encouraging a sense of shared responsibility, volunteers are actively involved in maintaining a clean and organised environment, while fostering a sense of community by sharing meals and chores.

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