intermediate english
From 2 to 12 weeks
18 years old
Puma’s natural reserve

Puma's natural reserve

We are non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation of our environment. The main objective is to create a connection between man and nature; through this connection people develop compassion and a sense of responsibility towards Mother Nature.

The puma is our emblem. We strive to create awareness of the puma’s condition in Córdoba as well as the rest of the country. Through education and investigation, we have created different programs to improve the status quo of the flora and fauna that enrich the puma’s habitat. The puma being not only an umbrella species is a keystone species, the biodiversity and abundance of other species is directly linked to its presence.

We receive animals that where were trapped, while others were part of the exotic pet traffic. Some of them are injured and have to live at the reserve for ever but some others can live free in their natural environment.

We also have other rescued animals such as the indigenous Eagle (Geranoaetus melanoleucus), ferrets (Galictis cuja), monkeys (Alouatta Carayá;), Llamas, Mayocastor coypus, peacoks, rabbits, hens, owls, ducks, parrots, etc.

The reserve is located in a beautiful area about 90 km’s southwest of the city of Cordoba, looking towards to the Andes. Our dream is to restore the mountain range to a more natural state. After 20 years of working alongside Mother Nature we are going to take on a transforming task…This small piece of mountain range has been affected by forest fires and urbanization. It will be restored to include native species of flora and fauna that aims at maintaining our slogan alive “one that looks after with the stealth of a puma”

We are open to tourism. This allows us to establish direct communication with people and hopefully create a connection between them and their environment. “We care for what we love, we love what we know, and we know what we are taught”. We also offers courses and workshops year-round on different topics such as large felines, birds of prey, snakes and arachnids, Córdoba’s mountain range forests, etc.

Roles and Responsibilities of the Volunteer:

Environmental education: Guided tours through the reserve for the tourist, Environmental education, Talks and workshops

Environmental preservation: Exotic species control, Seed Bank (recollecting and selecting seed of the different native species),

Environmental enrichment (activities carried out for the animals’ welfare), Organic gardening, Animal handling

Investigation: Help the investigator, Check trap cameras.

Maintenance: Trails and posters maintenance, Cleaning, Waste management for recycling.

Volunteer Work Schedule (Tentative Daily Schedule of the participant):

The volunteers will be working 9 hours per day having 1 day off per week.

Wildlife Volunteer in Puma's Natural Reserve



Airport pick up
Donation for the project
3 meals per day
24 hour- emergency line

Not included

Local transport
Airport drop-off

Dates and prices

Every Saturdays
Duration in weeks
Registration fees
2 weeks
1300 €
3 weeks
1600 €
4 weeks
1900 €
5 weeks
2200 €
6 weeks
2550 €
7 weeks
2900 €
8 weeks
3250 €
9 weeks
3550 €
10 weeks
3900 €
11 weeks
4250 €
12 weeks
4600 €

A supplement of €200 applies to participants under 18. For further information, please visit the youth area.


Pumas en Argentine
Everything went well! Great project and responsive people! On site I had a schedule with everything that was planned for me.



Volunteers sleep in onsite in the communal accommodation provided for them. Each bedroom has 5 beds with mattresses; you will need to bring your own sleeping bag. The bathroom is a shared space.

In winter, temperatures are below zero; our homes are rather cold as compared to homes in Europe. It is a good idea to bring warm clothing! In summer temperatures are above 30ºC. You will need to have comfortable clothes.

The volunteer will have the possibility to access to a washing machine once a week.


Minimum Length: 2 weeks

You must be in general good mental and physical health to be able to participate in addition:

– You must be respectful of other cultures.

-You must be tolerant towards others and respect the differences.

– You must welcome team work but also be able to work alone.

– You must be able to speak and understand Spanish or English.

– You must be at least 18; if you are underage you need to come with permission from your parents.

– You have to be a proactive person, we welcome volunteers with initiative.

– It very important that volunteers who apply for this position, love animals and Nature.

– Vaccines required by your home country and Argentina. The project additionally requires that the volunteer have the tetanus vaccine.

– Health insurance.

– Clean Bill of Health signed off by your healthcare provider stating that the volunteer is cleared to work

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Pumas en Argentine
Everything went well! Great project and responsive people! On site I had a schedule with everything that was planned for me.