intermediate english
From 4 to 12 weeks
18 years old
Humanitarian project to Cambodia

Humanitarian project to Cambodia

On this humanitarian mission in Cambodia, you will have the opportunity to assist local specialists and volunteers within a local NGO. In order to place volunteers on this project, the local associations study the candidates’ profiles in detail to place them on the appropriate mission. It is not the volunteers but the associations that choose the candidates according to their skills and the needs on site.

In general, the volunteers work in the associations, help with fundraising, communication, administrative work, and depending on the case, accompany local volunteers in the field. The language barrier will not allow for a wide range of activities, but the associations will do their best to incorporate volunteers into the projects.

Your open-mindedness, flexibility and versatility are highly appreciated given the diversity of tasks and the frequent changes in the needs of the NGO. 

it’s important to note that each project is distinct and every volunteer’s involvement is exceptional. It’s essential for you to be proactive in recognizing areas where you can contribute. While there is a basic framework in place for the project, you should not anticipate a detailed schedule of activities for your day. Your primary goal is to have a beneficial impact, and you should be willing to assist in any reasonable way possible.



 Center for the disabled

There are only 200 centers for disabled children and youth in Cambodia. Our partner center welcomes children and young adults with mental and motor disabilities as well as children with HIV. They go to public school in the morning and come back to the center in the afternoon.

This project is very interesting for physiotherapists and physiotherapy students who wish to invest in a humanitarian mission because the children need intensive care on a daily basis. The center has a sensory room with light and soft music to soothe and stimulate the disabled children.

The center can accommodate about 130 patients and has very limited funding from the government. Disabled children are often abandoned because their parents lack the means to care for them and specialized facilities are rare.

The objective of the center is to reintegrate the patients into society. Some of them manage to learn a few things such as doing a little housework to earn a small income.

Help to local companies

The partner company offers international volunteers with specific skills (press relations, social networks, marketing, strategy, etc.) who want to help small projects to develop in Cambodia.

It is an association that was founded 3 years ago by 2 Australians. Their project supports women who are trying to find a place in society by creating their own business, mainly handcraft, sales, services ( hairdresser) etc. The requests are very local but are starting to come from all over the country.

The association is in contact with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the government of Cambodia to try to change the condition of women in Cambodia.

 Childcare center

The day care center for underprivileged children is located about 20 minutes by tuk tuk from the volunteers’ house and is sponsored by a Catholic school. The children are picked up in the morning in their neighborhood around 6am. They are given food, showered, spend the day doing activities, and then taken home to their parents in the evening. These are little ones from 2 to 5 years old who need to be occupied for several hours with games, painting, and already starting to teach them the basics of English.


In Cambodia, children go to school in half days because there are not enough schools available. Our partner school is focused on teaching English to children between the ages of 6 and 12. The school welcomes children from all social classes. The parents work all day and cannot pay for kindergarten, so the school also provides meals for the children who are most in need.

Volunteer in Cambodia on an Education Project



Welcome pack: volunteer guide, a map and a traditional Khmer dinner
Airport pick-up, city tour and orientation day on Cambodian culture
3 meals per day
On-site coordinator and 24-hour emergency contact

Not included

Local transport

Dates and prices

Every Saturdays
Duration in weeks
Registration fees
2 weeks
1110 €
3 weeks
1330 €
4 weeks
1550 €
5 weeks
1720 €
6 weeks
1890 €
7 weeks
2060 €
8 weeks
2230 €
9 weeks
2450 €
10 weeks
2670 €
11 weeks
2890 €
12 weeks
3110 €


The welcome was great, and the volunteers were all very kind. The humanitarian mission was very rewarding.



The volunteer house has just been renovated to make volunteers and interns feel at home. Located in a good location, near a local market, restaurants, and convenience stores, the house is only a 7 minute tuk tuk ride or 17 minute walk from the Russian Market.

The volunteer house has electricity, hot and cold water, and a place to store food. It also has internet access. The rooms have single and double beds with sheets and cooling fans provided. Volunteers can expect to share a room with one or two other volunteers. The house also has a dining room on the first floor, a living room with TV and books.

Single rooms are available for an additional $25 per day.

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Typical Cambodian meals. Breakfasts are generally composed of bread, omelette and coffee. Dinner consists of a series of dishes cooked by the staff on site such as rice, noodles with vegetables or meat for example. Vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options are available upon request.

Local Transportation

Volunteers can share a tuktuk. Allow 2-3$ per day for local transportation.


Donations are not required as a donation to support local communities is included in the registration fee. If volunteers wish, they can bring additional donations. The NGOs are particularly in need of toys, children’s books, school supplies, hygiene products (e.g. toothbrushes). Visits to local schools can be organized by the NGO to distribute the donations.


– 18 years old.

– Intermediate to fluent level of English

– Passport copy.

– Copy of criminal record.

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The welcome was great, and the volunteers were all very kind. The humanitarian mission was very rewarding.