fluent english
From 2 to 8 weeks
18 years old
Volunteering with children in Buenos Aires

Volunteering with children in Buenos Aires

The childcare centre is located on the outskirts of Buenos Aires. Facing an urgent need for a kindergarten, a local mother used her own resources to buy a land and build 3 classrooms and a playground. Thanks to donations and the contribution from various volunteers and neighbours, she managed to build a safe place for 60 children aged 3-5 to play, eat, share and start the first stages of their education. The kindergarten is an educational center where the kids can develop both intellectually and emotionally.

A full time teacher is training mothers and volunteers to help with educational activities : arts, music and sports. The children get breakfast and a warm lunch every day. The two main teachers, Lore and Vivi, are working every day with children to develop their sense of solidarity and mutual respect.

Volunteers Tasks

– Help the two teachers cook and serve the food, do the dishes, the cleaning or any other tasks there are to be done.

– Interact with the children through games, songs, drawings and workshops.

– Help take care of the children.

– Help to plan the activities in the kindergarten.

– Teach the children numbers, the alphabet in Spanish, their first English words, etc.

– Maintain personal contact and be a role model for the kids.

This project is available for minimum 2 weeks outside school holidays (2 weeks in July and summer holidays in December-January).

Teaching English

We offer various projects to teach English to children and adults for Native English speakers, we also have some School support projects for good Spanish speakers.

Volunteer in an Orphanage

These 3 houses in the suburbs of Buenos Aires are the new home of around 40 children and teenagers. This shelter is registered as an NGO, it is not financially supported by the Government.

The kids all have different stories : some have been abandoned by their parents, others have been removed from their families because their parents have been imprisoned or are in rehabilitation due to psychological disorders.

This children center gives love and attention to the children who have lost their families. 2 staff members take care of 15 children and always need help in different areas.

During school holidays (December-January) volunteers will be working at the shelter from 5.30pm as the children spend afternoons in a summer camp.

Volunteer in Buenos Aires with Children



2-day welcome pack
Accommodation in a central backpacker hostel
Orientation and supervision
Donation to the NGO

Not included

Personal expenses
Return transfer to the airport

Dates and prices

Closed From December to January
Duration in weeks
Registration fees
2 weeks
1160 €
3 weeks
1300 €
4 weeks
1445 €
5 weeks
1665 €
6 weeks
1785 €
7 weeks
1945 €
8 weeks
2120 €



Accommodation in a central backpacker hostel.


– Up to date CV/ resume

– Copy of return flight itinerary

– Police clearance

– Volunteers must attend spanish course (at least 2 weeks) prior to their placement.

– Native or fluent English for English teaching project.

– Beginner to intermediate Spanish level.

– Acceptance subject to availability of position

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