English school
From 4 to 48 weeks
12 years old
Rugby course in New Zealand

Rugby course in New Zealand

At Timaru High School on the South Island, students attend classes immersed in a New Zealand high school. At the same time, they will join the school rugby club for two training sessions per week with matches on weekends. This program is designed for teenagers who already have experience in rugby playing.

This program is part of the various youth trips offered by Freepackers.


Where do our international students come from for this youth abroad mission?

International students participating in the high school and rugby program in New Zealand primarily come from Thailand, Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan, Germany, India, the Pacific Islands, and China.


Extracurricular Activities:

Outside of the school routine, many activities are organized on weekends, such as skiing trips, local excursions, summer camps, gatherings for all international students in the region, and more. The school’s rugby club also organizes outings to watch national and international matches – if you are there during the season, you may have the chance to meet the All Blacks!


Academic Program:

International students follow the academic courses designed for local students with some adaptations in the context of this youth abroad mission for international students. The school’s general academic program is presented each year by the teaching team. Under the guidance of the international coordinator and a qualified teacher, students take a full English as a Second Language course while being integrated into regular classes according to their level.


English Course Program:

In addition to full-time instruction for international students, the school also offers a comprehensive English program and an introduction to the New Zealand way of life for small groups of international students as part of short programs. Students attend classes from 8:40 am to 12:35 pm with a 20-minute break from 10:40 am to 11:00 am. Formal language study will be part of the learning, focusing on formal reading and writing, grammar, and vocabulary. Informal conversation practice will also be offered based on the formal lessons, emphasizing listening and speaking skills.

Students will also have the opportunity to take courses in other subjects, including mathematics, science, social sciences, economics, art, food technology, horticulture, computer science, music, workshop technology, and physical education. Students will have the chance to assess their language proficiency at the end of the short program. They will receive a certificate upon completion of the program, along with an individual progress report.


Our Partner School:

International students are warmly welcomed into the community of our partner school in Timaru and appreciate this opportunity to interact with other cultures. The goal is to provide the most suitable education for international students, with the academic program supported by sports, cultural, and social activities. Students are prepared for future tertiary and professional opportunities, with an enriching learning environment at home and at school.


What is offered to international students in this youth abroad mission:

Academic Excellence. Superior quality teaching for students of all levels.

Traditional and progressive programs.

Importance placed on examination results.

Sporting and cultural excellence.

Two types of accommodation for students:

A homestay provides a supportive environment, making it easier for students to integrate into the New Zealand way of life.

On-campus residence is subject to availability at our Thomas House facility, reserved for participants in the youth abroad mission.

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Accommodation in a single room
All meals
School uniform
Airport transfers (Auckland or Christchurch)
Social and sports activities
Local Rugby Club Membership
Health insurance offered by the school

Not included

Flight tickets
Travel and repatriation insurance

Dates and prices

Short programs (4-8 weeks) are available year-round. Trimesters (10 weeks), semesters and full years (48 weeks) have specific start dates. Please contact us to get the full list of start dates.
Duration in weeks
Registration fees
6 weeks
4590 €
8 weeks
5590 €
10 weeks
6690 €

A supplement of €200 applies to participants under 18. For further information, please visit the youth area.


Romain Larcher 09
Romain Larcher
Romain is happy in New Zealand, and is even talking about going away for a year! This trip will give him lifelong memories, and it's all thanks to you.


  • 15-18 years old
  • ETA for New Zealand
  • Parental authorization required for minors
  • Intermediate level of English proficiency (A2/B1)

It is possible to take English courses prior to the program to strengthen your language skills!

  • Rugby practice

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Romain Larcher 09
Romain Larcher
Romain is happy in New Zealand, and is even talking about going away for a year! This trip will give him lifelong memories, and it's all thanks to you.