intermediate English
From 2 to 12 weeks
18 years old
Environmental mission to the Galapagos National Park

Environmental mission to the Galapagos National Park

The Galapagos Islands are a naturalist and explorer’s paradise because of its extraordinary landscapes, diverse fauna, and excellent environment for eco-friendly travel. The Galapagos Islands used to be a fishing-based economy with a small population that mostly subsisted off the land. After that, the islands turned into the Wild West of sea cucumber and lobster trades before becoming one of the top ecotourism destinations in the world. Despite being one of the best conserved locations on earth with 95% of its original pre-human biodiversity still present, tourism demands are growing, explaining the rapid expansion of ecotourism activities.


Missions during participant’s eco-responsible tourism:

Assist field rangers in maintaining reception sites, trails and protected areas.

Removal of invasive species

Depending on the needs of the park, participation in ecosystem conservation and restoration activities such as control of introduced species, protection of endemic species

Replacement and maintenance of information boards.

To contribute to activities aimed at the promotion, distribution and development of sustainable tourism projects for the Galapagos National Park.

Assist to the development of projects with the Galapagos National Park according to the interests and skills of the volunteer, as well as the priorities and guidelines established by the park and the local authorities.

Activities carried out by volunteers include translation and design of educational and/or promotional material, conducting satisfaction interviews with tourists, etc.

Collaboration with park rangers

You will assist the rangers in the field during this eco-tour, performing the following tasks: maintenance of visitor sites, trails and protected areas, clearing brush and weeds, laying new trails, removing invasive species, replacing and maintaining signs. Depending on the needs of the national park, participants will support conservation and ecosystem restoration activities such as control of introduced species and protection of native species in the field. Some tasks will require the use of basic tools (shovels, hand tools, etc.)

You will have a vital and measurable impact on our sustainable projects, host communities and ecosystems. Our programmes are designed with our local partners with short, medium and long-term clear objectives. We are also conscious of our global influence and responsibility, and uphold to the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Are you looking for a rewarding experience in an incredible place with extraordinary people? Look no further! Be a part of an international team with exceptional 24/7 on-the-ground support from our experienced staff. Develop your personal skills, open your mind to other ways of living and seeing our world, become aware of global culture and improve your emotional intelligence. This will be a life-changing eco-tourism experience!


eco-responsible tourism



Accommodation in a single room
All the meals
Ferry to Isabela Island and greeted at the port of Isabela by a member of the team
Transfer during stay if required for missions
On-site assistance by a local team
Equipment required for mission training
Orientation and training

Not included

Flight tickets
Travel and repatriation insurance
Specific visa for the Galapagos
Excursions and activities during free time

Dates and prices

This programme is available all year round, with arrival on Monday and departure on Saturday or Sunday.
Duration in weeks
Registration fees
2 weeks
1950 €
4 weeks
2950 €
6 weeks
3950 €
8 weeks
4950 €
10 weeks
5950 €
12 weeks
6950 €


Accommodation and transport

– The local NGO offers housing options in either volunteer houses or host families, depending on availability. In each case, the participant will have a private room and bathroom, with meals included.

– Airport transfers

– Airport transfers are not included. When the volunteer registers, he/she will receive a welcome email with an explanation of the next steps and a link to create a profile on the NGO portal. This platform will be completed with a packing list, general journey information about Ecuador and the Galapagos, and the trip PDF. The travel PDF explains in detail how to get from Baltra airport to Isabela. The NGO will directly email the ferry ticket from Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz to Isabela Island, as well as the visa for the Galapagos on MONDAY afternoon. On-site staff will meet the volunteer at the dock in Isabela and take them to their accommodation.

The volunteer will be given the opportunity to visit the island.



A minimum interest in environmental conservation is required. Basic knowledge in this field and the practice of Spanish (even beginner) is a plus.

It is required to have a minimum interest in environmental conservation.


Good physical condition

18 years old

Travel and repatriation insurance

Interest in environmental conservation

Ability to work in construction, gardening

Ability to work independently and in a group


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