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About Destination and Volunteer Opportunities

About Fiji

Fiji is an island country in the South Pacific Ocean consisting of 333 islands, with approximately 110 of them inhabited.Viti Levu is the largest island and home to the nation’s capital, Suva. Fiji is known for sandy beaches, endless blue skies and beautiful coral reefs, such as the Great Astrolabe Reef, the fourth-largest barrier reef in the world.

The people of Fiji are known to be very warm and welcoming to visitors, earning the country the nickname “The Friendly Isles.” Rugby is a very popular sport and an important part of the local culture in Fiji, their national rugby team, the Fiji Warriors, having a strong international reputation.

English is the official language, though Fijian (iTaukei) and Hindi are also commonly spoken. Fiji has a rich and diverse cultural heritage influenced by Polynesian, Melanesian, Indian, Chinese, and European traditions.

27 villages still live below the poverty line in the Yasawa Islands. The inhabitants of these small villages live in difficult conditions and have limited access to education. Fiji is prone to cyclones which contribute to these challenges as well.

Advice before volunteering in Fiji

Due to Fiji being a tropical destination, there may be vaccinations or health precautions that are needed.

Although English is widely spoken, learning some basic Fijian phrases will definitely help you to connect with the locals. You will have the best experience if you strive to be open-minded and adaptable to different cultural norms.

It would also be helpful to familiarize yourself with the local currency (Fijian Dollar) and its exchange rate to your currency.




Is it safe to volunteer in Fiji?

Fiji is a safe travel destination and has a relatively low crime rate. The local population is generally very friendly and welcoming. However, Fiji is prone to natural disasters such as cyclones and tropical storms, particularly during the cyclone season from November to April so make sure to stay updated on weather advisories. As it is a tropical destination, you should also be sure to check any vaccination requirements and measures to prevent mosquito-borne illnesses.

How much does it cost to volunteer in Fiji?

Everything except your flights, insurance and personal expenses are covered by the cost of the program which you can find on the program page. The rest of your trip is as expensive as you make it. Touristy areas will be more expensive so to keep costs down, stick to local markets.

Requirements to volunteer in Fiji

In order to volunteer in Fiji, you must be 16+, have at least proficient English, have a valid passport and have travel insurance. You can stay in Fiji for 4 months without a visa.

Volunteer opportunities in Fiji

Freepackers offers humanitarian projects in Fiji which contribute to improving the living conditions of the local communities. As an international volunteer, you can join a construction project in Fiji. This humanitarian construction project’s goal is to support the local community in the long term. The goal is to start rebuilding what was destroyed by the cyclone. You will be working with the local community, learning about their culture, broadening your perspectives and, of course, enjoying the beauty of the country.

Join a Freepackers project!

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Individuals can stay in Fiji for 4 months for a tourist stay without a visa.


Please check with your doctor or travel clinic in regards to the vaccinations you need for your project destination. You can also check the pasteur institute for the up-to-date health recommendation per destination at


For any international project, Freepackers Care requires the purchase of travel insurance including accident, sickness, repatriation and civil liability in case of third parties.

You can subscribe online with our partner CHAPKA, which offers a 5% discount with  this link. If you take out another insurance, we will ask you to send us a copy of your attestation in English.

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