Volunteer Opportunities in Colombia

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Colombia is a country in the North West of South America with a wide range of climates and geographical features, including the Andes Mountains, Amazon Rainforest, Pacific and Caribbean coastlines. It ranks as one of the richest countries in the world in terms of biodiversity. With several passages above 4000 metres of altitude, the Sierra Nevada of the Andes and its national parks await you. Explore unknown environments, volcanoes, tropical jungles, glacial peaks and azure lagoons!

Bogotá is the capital and largest city of Colombia, located in the centre of the country. Spanish is the official language and in Colombia is known for its distinct accents and expressions, which can vary throughout the country.

Colombia has a very multifaceted culture. Some aspects include their coffee culture and the ‘paisa’ culture, which is characterised by warmth and hospitality.

Advice before volunteering in colombia

Colombian people are famous for being friendly so you should definitely interact with locals in an open and respectful manner! Learning some basic Spanish phrases will help enhance your experience and communication, especially in less touristy areas.

Vaccinations for diseases such as yellow fever and precautions against mosquito-borne illnesses are recommended.

It will be important to familiarise yourself with the local currency (Colombian Peso) as well. Although Colombia is quite safe, you should still use common-sense precautions when in urban areas. Be careful with your valuables, especially in crowded places.




Is it safe to volunteer in Colombia?

Over the past decade, Colombia made strides in improving security, resulting in many cities and tourist destinations now being considered safe. However, petty theft is still prevalent in crowded areas. You should use caution when in an unfamiliar area, use reputable transportation services and be cautious at night. You will never be somewhere you do not know alone and there will be program directors helping you every step of the way!

Requirements to volunteer in Colombia

In order to volunteer in Colombia, you must be 18+, have at least proficient English, have a valid passport and have travel insurance.


Discover volunteer opportunities in Colombia offered by Freepackers. You can work as an international volunteer on humanitarian projects in the capital, Bogota or the coastal city, Cartagena.

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For up to 90 days you can stay in the country without a visa.


Please check with your doctor or travel clinic in regards to the vaccinations you need for your project destination. You can also check the pasteur institute for the up-to-date health recommendation per destination at


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