Intermediate English
From 2 to 12 weeks
18 years old
Teach English in Tanzania

Teach English in Tanzania

If you love teaching and being with children, you will love this project in Tanzania! We work with various primary, secondary, and high schools around the Monduli district in need of teaching assistants and community leaders to organize English learning programs. You may also have the chance to teach mathematics and science for higher level students.

Teaching English to children in Tanzania at a young age is crucial for their future success as it can open up a world of opportunities. It can help them in their academic pursuits, increase their chances of employment, and enable them to communicate with people from different parts of the world. Not to mention that English is one of the official languages of Tanzania!

Volunteer’s Mission

You will be assisting local teachers to teach basic English by exchanging songs, and playing educational games. You may also lead the children through activities like crafts, sports, drawing, coloring, writing and more! A lot of the children here are quite young and require attention as well as activities to ensure they have a healthy development.

Our teaching program is generally meant to support the learning of children of ages between 6 to 14 years (grades 1 – 7). The school operates between the hours of 08:00 in the morning up until 16:00 in the afternoon. This program is designed for participants to engage with students 4-6 hours per day with breaks in between class sessions. Some of this time may be after school activities when available.

Feel free to bring teaching materials such as games, coloured pencils, erasers, English language books, and even clothes and toys to donate! We recommend you also bring pictures or other small objects representing your country of origin, which you can show the children and help to broaden their worldview!

Teach English in Tanzania on a Volunteer Program



Airport pick-up and first night in Monduli
Accommodation (host family)
3 meals per weekday & 2 meals per day during weekend
24-hour emergency assistance

Not included

Airport Drop-off

Dates and prices

Airport pick-up on Sunday at 10am or 2pm

Duration in weeks
Registration fees
2 weeks
940 €
3 weeks
1235 €
4 weeks
1580 €
5 weeks
1925 €
6 weeks
2270 €
7 weeks
2515 €
8 weeks
2860 €
10 weeks
3450 €
12 weeks
4140 €



You will be accommodated in our local center or with a host family, so you will have some basic comfort. Western-style toilets are available, but you may also find traditional toilets. Sometimes, water must be heated for showers, which are taken with buckets. The accommodations are on a local school campus surrounded by green space. We have a large garden where you can relax during the day.

Meals are inspired by the local cuisine and consist of lots of corn, rice, potatoes and bananas. A little beef, goat meat, beans and some green leafy vegetables will help add nutrition to your daily meals. Very few dishes will be served in the typical western style, so be prepared for a culinary adventure as well.

Additional information

We suggest that all participants get a local SIM card with a local plan to maintain personal access to the Internet.

During school vacations (all of April, 2 weeks in May, last week of July and all of December) the courses will be replaced by the vacation program with the children.


– 18 years

– Intermediate level of English.

– Passport Copy.

– Clothes that cover knees and shoulders during work.

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