intermediate english
From 2 to 12 weeks
18 years old
Construction project in Nepal

Construction project in Nepal

Nepal is one of the least developed countries in the world and the country is still trying to recover and rebuild since the 2015 earthquake. But with the help of volunteers and local partners, the NGO is implementing earthquake infrastructure construction projects year-round.

The construction project in Nepal brings together graduate engineers, students, families and people of all ages to work with and for local communities. On a personal level, many see the mission in Nepal as an adventure that gives meaning and depth to their lives. And whether you have construction experience or not, you could be an invaluable resource to our local team.

With many underprivileged communities and millions left homeless after the earthquake, Nepal has prioritized rebuilding and resettlement. Thus, our workcamps on site have a lasting and concrete impact. The benefit of this project is the direct result of your time and the immediate impact on the lives of communities. Whether you are on a gap year or simply looking for an immersive travel experience, the Nepal project needs you.

Types of projects and missions

The project is based in the rural areas of Nepal extremely devastated by the earthquake. It was the largest earthquake in over 80 years and thousands of families were left sleeping in the streets without water or electricity. Supplies came from all over the world, but years later, it’s still not over for the people of Nepal. Much of the region still needs to be rebuilt, which is why our building program is so important.

If you choose to volunteer with us in Nepal, you will spend your time working with local communities to help rebuild the infrastructure destroyed by the disaster. Tasks may include constructing temporary classrooms, demolishing old buildings, painting and decorating, small-scale redevelopment such as brick-laying, landscaping and ground maintenance, installing water purification systems and gardening. This is just a glimpse of what our program entails, but we ask our volunteers to be open-minded and flexible, as other needs may arise from day to day.

Volunteers will also be able to contribute to social actions as many children are traumatized by the loss of their homes. Information sessions are also organized to teach the children how to use the water purification systems you install. The possibilities on site are endless, the most important thing is that you are willing to help.

With such a variety of construction and community service work, you will quickly find your forte!

Construction Project in Nepal



Welcome and pick-up to the project
All meals (except lunches if the course takes place in Kathmandu)
24- hour emergency line

Not included

Airport drop-off
Personal expenses

Dates and prices

Every Saturday
Duration in weeks
Registration fees
2 weeks
1225 €
3 weeks
1450 €
4 weeks
1675 €
5 weeks
1850 €
6 weeks
1925 €
7 weeks
2200 €
8 weeks
2375 €
9 weeks
2600 €
10 weeks
2825 €
11 weeks
3050 €
12 weeks
3275 €


Nathan Avis
J'ai été agréablement surpris de la générosité des Népalais, ainsi que de leur bienveillance !



The accommodation is located in a district of Kathmandu. Stores, cafes and local transportation are available nearby (about 10 minutes walk). All volunteers and interns are accommodated in a double room (maximum 4 students per family). The house has hot water (on sunny days) and wifi in the common areas. There is a laundry room outside the house to do laundry.

Private rooms are available at an additional cost of $25/night.

Additional information


We recommend that you buy a local sim card when you arrive in Nepal, the team on site will be able to help you with the procedures. This will make it easier to make international calls and to keep in touch with other volunteers.


You will have access to wifi in your accommodation, however it can be a little slow, there are also cafes with internet in the area.


– 18 years.

– Intermediate level of English (understand instructions, able to communicate)

– Passport copy.

– Internship agreement if it is a contracted internship.

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Nathan Avis
J'ai été agréablement surpris de la générosité des Népalais, ainsi que de leur bienveillance !