south africa
intermediate english
De 2 à 12 semaines
âge minimum : 18 ans
Volunteer in a wildlife rescue farm

Volunteer in a wildlife rescue farm

Program description

At the wild cat farm, it is all about the animals. We believe in the rights and protection of the animals. The farm is home to a variety of wild animals such as lions, cheetahs, servals, caracals, black footed cats, even the mischievous meerkats and more. The farm acts as a home to wild cats that are not able to be released back into the wild, as well as a nursery for cubs that are brought to the farm by neighbouring breeders to be hand-raised before they are relocated into reserves. The farm aims to provide a safe haven to wild animals who are in need of a home and to ensure that injured and traumatized animals receive proper medical care.

Together with HART, a wildlife rehabilitation center and sanctuary, we have helped rehabilitate numerous animals such as owls, meerkats, vervet monkeys and bat eared foxes. The farm offers you an opportunity to work/interact with the animals and gain experience inactivities like cleaning, building enclosures, feeding, and playing with the animals, as well as the opportunity to unwind in a relaxing Free State setting. We strive to make life as normal as possible for animals by ensuring their happiness and wellbeing. You, as a volunteer, have the opportunity to assist in making this happen.

Every Monday we will choose a new project. The project needs to be completed before new projects are given. Projects will sometimes start with one group and be finish with next group.

Volunteer in a wildlife rescue farm

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Airport pick up + 2 Day Johannesburg Orientation
Transport to and from the project
Three meals a day
24 hour support and supervision
Donation to the project
Bed linen

not included


Dates and prices

Every Wednesday, all year


Up to 66% tax reduction


Fees to be paid upon registration

Price after tax deduction*

2 Weeks
1725 €
586.5 €
4 Weeks
2885 €
980.9 €
5 Weeks
3465 €
1178.1 €
6 Weeks
4045 €
1375.3 €
8 Weeks
5205 €
1769.7 €
10 Weeks
6365 €
2164.1 €
12 Weeks
7525 €
2558.5 €

*Calculated on the basis of 66% tax reduction. For more information on donations to organizations of general interest, go to the official website of the public service


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Volunteers will stay in a volunteers house (1-6 people per room) including its own kitchen facilities, bathroom, and bedroom. The accommodation has recently been upgraded.

All linen will be provided. The volunteer house is roughly 20m away from the main-house, and is safe and secure.

Swimming pool is available.

No visitors are permitted to enter the property unless permitted by the project leader.


– Up to date CV/ resume

– Copy of return flight itinerary

– Basic level of English; understanding and speaking

– Acceptance subject to availability of position

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