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Protecting turtles in Ecuador

Protecting turtles in Ecuador

Program description

The marine life protection project is located on the Pacific coast of Ecuador, in Las Tunas in the province of Manabí. The project aims to protect the turtles that lay their eggs on these beaches, as well as to take care of the surrounding area (forest, beach,...). Professional veterinarians and volunteers work together to ensure the rehabilitation of these endangered marine animals.

This marine protection mission is open to all profiles and can be particularly interesting for families, veterinarians or (marine) biologists

The programs consist of the following:

- Monitoring the turtle nests (every morning and a few nights) and wounded turtles. The monitoring is of 4 species of turtles, one of them is the Leatherback, the largest turtle in the world (in danger of extinction) as well as the Hawksbill turtle.

The monitoring of nests could be done twice a day (without being a very long time or being very tiring), the volunteers will walk along the beaches around Las Tunas Olive Ridley Turtle Green Turtle Hawksbill Turtle with the head of the conservation project and the local volunteer coordinator. Will be also the time to spot other marine animals, wounded turtles, and turtles going to the beach to nest.

- Cleaning Las Tunas beach and cleaning the Ayampe river.

Cleaning the beaches and the Ayampe river could be done several times a week, collecting plastic and fishing nets is one of the main objectives, as well as observing birds and crustaceans near the mangrove.

- Reforestation plan of more than 100 hectares in a reserve in Ayampe.

The reforestation plan is a community initiative to preserve the primary tropical forest, which has been threatened by various companies who want to cut down the trees and extract construction material. Thanks to the organization of the community members, the government and companies retained those plans.

- Permaculture and development of recycling systems.

The activity of the community is mainly agriculture. The members know about sowing and how to work the land. The development of this type of program is essential to educate children and teenagers in the community. Recycling projects are projects focused on finding better alternatives to minimize the impact of human beings on nature.

- Direct interaction with the community, education programs environment for people in the community and for volunteers.

Education projects are a basis to improve the quality of life in the community and are essential to protect nature. The children and teenagers who are the main objective of these programs are the main actors in this dynamic. Volunteers can be part of this important process with great impact on the community, society and nature.

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Quito or Guayaquil welcome pack: airport welcome + 1 night accommodation (meals include) accompaniment to the bus station
Shared Accommodation
Daily transport to the project
Donate to the project
24-hour emergency assistance

not included

Transfer to and from the project

Dates and prices

Every Saturday


Up to 66% tax reduction


Fees to be paid upon registration

Price after tax deduction*

2 Weeks
1083 €
368.22 €
3 Weeks
1350 €
459 €
4 Weeks
1567 €
532.78 €
5 Weeks
1834 €
623.56 €
6 Weeks
2151 €
731.34 €
7 Weeks
2368 €
805.12 €
8 Weeks
2635 €
895.9 €
9 Weeks
2902 €
986.68 €
10 Weeks
3219 €
1094.46 €
11 Weeks
3456 €
1175.04 €
12 Weeks
3653 €
1242.02 €

*Calculated on the basis of 66% tax reduction. For more information on donations to organizations of general interest, go to the official website of the public service


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You will be staying in a hostel on the beach in Las Tunas. This hostel has rooms, which can be divided for boys and girls. 

Facing the sea, you can relax in the hammocks provided for this purpose…&

Additional information

Recommendations for working with animals

– Remember that all activities are necessary for the welfare of the animals and the rescue center. In addition, the more involved you become in your work, the more responsibility you will be assigned once you have reached a certain level of trust with the turtles and workers.

– Please check with your local doctor about any vaccinations you may need before traveling to Ecuador, however, rabies and tetanus vaccinations are recommended.

This project is for animal lovers who are not afraid to get their hands dirty!


– Guayaquil Arrival Package: Meet and greet at Guayaquil International Airport and one night at a hotel in Guayaquil / from €150

Transfers : 

– Private transfer from Quito to Baños: 3/4h – from 130€ 

– Transfer Guayaquil-Montañita: 2h30 – from 80€.

– Transfer Guayaquil-Puerto Lopez : Private transfer from Guayaquil to Puerto Lopez project (3h) – from 125€. 


– Registration form with your contact information and travel dates (which we will send by email).

– Airline tickets.

– Diet/Allergies.

– Scan of passport.

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